Universal Life Energy

From the smallest atom in the human body to the vast galactic solar system, all energy revolves around a central theme of interconnectedness of all things to each other and to a unified central source of life energy. 

“The underlying principle of Polarity Therapy emerges as the idea of “reconnection to a source.” This includes establishing reconnection to sources of energy in the body, in nature, in interpersonal and societal relationships, within oneself, and to the source of life energy itself.”

-Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND

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Called by many different names, this universal theme of “Life Energy” or “Breath of Life” is recognized in nearly all religions and spiritual traditions.

When life energy is blocked we experience dis-ease. Polarity Therapy encourages the free

flow of energy to a natural state of well being where the body's intelligence can heal itself.  Are you feeling disconnected emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually?

Polarity Therapy gets energy flowing. Learn to take greater control of your wellness and increase your awareness around decisions that either

contribute or detract from your well being.

It's about releasing mediocre, confining, limited beliefs that no longer serve you. 

To say, "I am vital, alive and vibrant."

"I am making the decision to shine my light brightly."