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Energetic Touch

  • Is performed on a massage table with the client fully clothed

  • Promotes a flow of life energy throughout the body
  • Includes a combination of light and firm pressure contacts, gentle rocking and stretching
  • Impacts mental-emotional and spiritual well being as well as physical health
  • Has a sacred quality, puts you in touch with inner guidance

*as per American Polarity Therapy Association 

Energy Exercise

Energy exercises are yoga based movements and simple stretches that promote wellness.

  • Release emotional stagnation and open energetic pathways

  • Improve mobility and physical ease
  • Expand your breathing and release your voice

*as per American Polarity Therapy Association 

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“How we process food is how we process life.”

- Heather Principe, Program Director YTT 200, 500, Polarity, BS, ed., PWE, RPP

If you wish to take your health to a higher level you might explore Polarity Nutrition

  • Become more conscious of how you nourish yourself
  • What’s your relationship with food and it’s impact on you
  • Take advantage of the Polarity way of eating 
  • Learn about herbal teas, cleansing, simple remedies and tools to build health naturally

*as per American Polarity Therapy Association

Polarity Therapy Techniques


Verbal communication and reflective listening are integral to Polarity Therapy

  • Guidance to have a more conscious awareness around your experience
  • Learn to trust your body and what it’s telling you
  • Unblock places where you feel stuck or stagnant
  • Clarify your thinking to make better decisions
  • Envision and implement a healthier lifestyle

*as per American Polarity Therapy Association