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Polarity Therapy takes a unique and integrative approach to well being. It acknowledges and encourages the body’s natural desire to be in homeostasis. As a BCPP, I don’t diagnose or treat illnesses. I assess where you may be out of balance energetically and support you returning to balance naturally. Polarity Therapy is good for anyone with chronic or acute issues as well as a preventative for those who consider themselves in good health. Remember, it’s not just physical health, it's the whole enchilada… mental, emotional, and spiritual, too. To whatever degree that’s right for you, Polarity Therapy provides tools and ways for self care, and can complement other forms of therapy and healthcare.

Polarity Session 

As a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, I will provide a welcoming, safe, secure, and non-judgmental space. We’ll talk for a while about what led you here, any health issues, and what’s going on for you. Life is dynamic and so are polarity sessions. No two sessions are alike. Each session is unique, serving what is going on for you on that given day. On the bodywork table, energetic blocks will be addressed, giving way to release and flow. Tuning forks may be used for sound healing. The intention is to hold space sacred so you come into connection with your most whole, highest self. If emotions arise, I’ll help you stay present with what you’re feeling. At the end of the session, if you like, we can discuss some yoga based exercises and nutrition that will further assist you on your journey. Polarity Therapy sessions often have ripple effects for days or weeks after. 

“And you are not likely to ever again to meet with such high adventure as you experiment with your own divine nature, as you discover for yourself the great source of power and wisdom that exists within you.” 

-Uell S. Anderson

Polarity Approach to Wellness​

“Polarity Therapy is the missing link in health care. It truly recognizes the integrated nature of a person and provides an effective way of restoring harmony and coherence.”

- Dr. Iva Lloyd, BFcH, BCPP, ND Naturopathic Foundation Health Clinic

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