About Your Practitioner

Colleen B. Petruzzi, BCPP, RPE
Board Certified Polarity Practitioner

800 hour accredited APTA course
Sound Tuning, studied with Dr. John Beaulieu
BA, SUNY Empire State College

     I’ve always been fascinated by the human body. The ultimate wireless energy. How it all works together. Mind blowingly complex and yet simple all at once… when I get quiet and listen.

     I’ve also always loved the art of storytelling. It is why we’re here. To live our story. After spending 28 years at a major entertainment company as a senior account exec, I heard the call to be of service to others. Honestly for the whole time I really loved what I did. Working with great people, I enjoyed being a part of getting movies out into the home entertainment marketplace for consumers to enjoy. There was also a lot of stress involved, as when there are big accounts that generate big money, there’s usually big stress. At least there was for me. I won several awards and accolades during my career. To manage the stress and keep myself healthy I was open to all different alternative holistic healing modalities. My good friend, guide, and guru Clyde Baggee, an Associate Polarity Practitioner and beautiful human being whose energy vibrates off the charts, encouraged me to go within and get still for direction. What a gift Clyde has been. On this journey of exploration I was led, by an incredible massage therapist, Judy Posner who is now also a RN, to Polarity Therapy. I, probably like you, had no idea what Polarity Therapy was but was willing to give it a try especially with the recommendation coming from Judy, whom I trusted.  There I met Heather Principe, an amazing Polarity Practitioner, Polarity Teacher, and like Clyde, one of the most wise humans I’d ever met. For me, after experiencing a Polarity Therapy session I felt I’d found the “medicine” I was searching for. Through Polarity Therapy I was safe to speak my truth, address unresolved issues from childhood, sadness, grief, loss, heartache, heartbreak, all the emotions I’d felt weighed me down along my life journey. In addition, we addressed some snowboarding injuries and running until my big toenails were bloody and nearly fell off. I completely ignored the physical pain because "I had to run". In the “why” was truly where the treasure was. So, for me, there were physical and mental issues resolved as well. Spiritually, I began to feel an awakening to the likes I’d never experienced before. For me, Polarity Therapy addressed every aspect of being human. It was the whole pizza pie, no slice was missing. Most importantly, I learned how to listen. Listen to my body and the signals it was giving me. Listen to my inner compass. Listen to my thoughts and how they create my experience. Super empowering, and folks it’s in each and every one of us.
     These experiences led me to the knowing that I needed to share, what was for me, this life changing holistic healing modality. Graciously and gratefully I left my career behind and embarked on the journey to become a Polarity Practitioner, under the auspicious tutelage of Heather Principe; RPP, RPE, E-RYTT, PWE and went on to become Board Certified through the American Polarity Therapy Association. I also studied Sound Healing, since all good stories come with a soundtrack, with Dr. John Beaulieu and incorporate the use of tuning forks, if needed, in sessions.

I look forward to meeting you and holding space for you to re-connect and re-source.

Warmest regards,

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